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Aluminum shell on the application of aluminum resistance and the role of aluminum shell Detailed!
Dec 20, 2017

Aluminum case with aluminum case (gold aluminum case), heat sink on the surface, small volume, high power, high temperature resistance and overload capability. Weather resistance, high precision, low standard inductive resistance, high stability, strong structure , Its versatility and good combination of multiple options, which is conducive to mechanical protection, easy to install and use. The main physical feature of the aluminum case resistance is that the electric energy is the thermal energy. It can also be said that the aluminum case resistance is a dissipative component, and the current flows through it to generate the internal energy. Resistance in the circuit usually from the partial pressure, shunt effect. For signals, both AC and DC signals pass through the resistor.

1. Non-combustible wound aluminum housing resistors 2. High voltage shock 3. Fast heat dissipation 4. Short time overload performance 5. Low noise 6. No change in resistance over the years 7. Error range: ± 5%, ± 2%, ± 1% 8. Power Range: 5W ~ 1000W


Power, inverter, servo and high requirements of harsh environments, long life. Resistance tolerance of 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 0.5%. And according to the need for high-power model assembly. Can also be based on customer demand for the production of special resistance, and can be combined into a series of high-power, or large-power resistance box.

Aluminum shell resistance manufacturers square wire wound resistors (winding resistance), commonly known as Cement Electric Group, using nickel, chromium, alloy resistance wire in alkaline heat-resistant ceramic parts wire and other large resistance, external heat and humidity , Non-corrosive and protective material, again ceramic package, especially non-flame cement packing seal. Their advantages are resistance accuracy, low noise, good heat dissipation and high power consumption, mainly for the amplifier's power level. The disadvantage is the small resistance, high cost, but not suitable for high frequency circuits due to the use of inductors.

Mainly used in low-frequency AC circuit to play buck, shunt, load, feedback, transfer, match, etc., or in the power circuit to play the role of absorber and voltage divider can also be used as a shock circuit and transformer Attenuation adjustment and pulse forming circuit in the shunt. In addition, it can also be used in the rectifier filter capacitor discharge and sparks. At the same time can be widely used in home appliances, medical equipment, the automotive industry, railways, aviation, military equipment and other fields.

The role of aluminum shell:

The role of aluminum in the aluminum shell resistance is to cool. The aluminum metal in the aluminum shell resistance is a group of shells with a lattice structure of atoms, each of which has one (or more) electronic components. In the case of electronics, from the attractiveness and flow of nuclei, an electronic sea forms, allowing the metal aluminum resistance to conduct electricity. When applied a potential difference (ie voltage) on both ends of the metal, because of the electric field, the free electrons are affected by the accelerating motion. However, when free aluminum collides with the crystal lattice, the kinetic energy will suffer a loss. In order to release energy, the formal energy and the moving speed of the aluminum electron are the average drift speed, the direction opposite and the electric field. Due to drift movement, current can be generated. In reality, the material arrangement of atoms can not be completely regulated. Therefore, the way of electron flow will be arranged according to the principle of atomic scattering, which is the source of aluminum shell electric resistance.