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Braking resistance ultra high braking effect.
Apr 16, 2018

Braking resistance ultra high braking effect.

Braking resistance principle: motor in the process of working frequency decline, will be in a state of regenerative braking, the kinetic energy of the drag system to feedback to the dc, the dc voltage UD rising, and may even reach the point of danger. Therefore, the energy used to regenerate the direct current circuit must be dissipated, allowing UD to remain within the allowable range. The braking resistance is used to consume this part of the energy.

Its function is to link capacitor discharge current within the prescribed voltage range don't store or inscribed braking resistor to consume and make the dc part "overvoltage, need to add external brake components, in order to speed up the consumption of renewable energy.

Braking resistor first function is to protect the inverter from the dangers of renewable electricity, motor in the process of rapid parking, due to inertia effect, will produce large amounts of renewable electricity, if you don't consume this part of the renewable electricity in time, will directly impact on special inverter braking resistor inverter dc part, light person, the inverter will be at fault, the person that weigh, will damage the inverter; The emergence of brake resistance solves this problem well and protects the inverter from the damage caused by the electric power of the motor.

Braking resistor second role is to ensure that the smooth running of electric power network, it can be fast brake motor directly into heat energy, the power in the process of such renewable electricity won't feedback to electric power supply network, will not result in a power grid voltage fluctuation, which have played an important role to ensure the smooth running of power supply network.

English Rheostatic braking resistance brake, it is a way of brake is mainly used on the motor and transmission of the diesel engine, by the wheel to drive the motor rotor and power generation, to produce torque reaction, the kinetic energy of the train, reach the purpose of braking effect, the component of ceramic tube is alloy resistance wire frame, have the effect of the radiator at the same time; The wave shape of the alloy resistance wire is wrapped around the surface of the ceramic tube, which is responsible for converting the regenerative electrical energy of the motor into heat energy. The coating is coated on the surface of the alloy resistance wire, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and the function is flame retardant, so the efficiency of the tread braking is inversely proportional to the speed of the locomotive. In contrast, the higher the speed, the more obvious the braking effect.