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Braking resistor in the process of what outstanding features?
Feb 18, 2018

Braking resistor in the process of what outstanding features?

With the advancement of science and technology in our country, nowadays every major aspect can not do without the electric energy. In the application of electric energy, the overload limiter is also an indispensable device. It is mainly used as a control device installed on a crane and has Great feature, the device in the application of a process also has some outstanding features, let's learn more about the next:

     1. When the machine is in operation, it shows different contents;

     2. Can choose light load control function to operate;

3. Calibration is divided into the actual calibration and simulation calibration two ways;

4 resolution can be based on the actual situation of choice, there are two levels;

5. In addition to its own button function also has a clear function;

6. If you can not finish the task within the prescribed time, you can choose to exceed the delay time;

7. Ingenious power design, can prevent surges, but also anti-interference;

8. Display interface with optional, can be connected to the big screen, you can also connect four bright red LED digital tube