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Crane resistor in use should pay attention to the matter
Feb 16, 2018

Crane resistor in use should pay attention to the matter

Crane resistors are mainly used in cranes and general-purpose resistors similar to the S3, S4 and S5 working systems for crane equipment matching JZR2, YZR and YZRE series motors. They are suitable for AC 50HZ and 660V circuits in cooperation with the controller Control motor starting, speed and braking.

When we use must pay attention to the following questions.

     1 During use, the resistor must never stop for a long time, or the resistor element will be burned out.

     2 We need to do regular inspection of it, not less than once a month, check the following should pay attention to the following characteristics.

     (A) To inspect each resistance element, there should be no dust and no loose screws.

     (B) Inspect the resistance element without shorting. Lifting resistors are made of open-type, are generally installed in the room, not to increase the cover to prevent staff at work inadvertently focus, in order to ensure safety, but also need to install a grounding wire.

      Crane resistor in use, we require its use of the temperature can not exceed the ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ° C, 24-hour period, the average temperature does not exceed the temperature of +35 ° C, the ambient air temperature is limited to -25 ° C And -40 ° C. In the installation of level III in the category, vertical installation, the slope of not more than 5 °, pollution level 3.