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Describe the three precautions before applying the resistor
Dec 15, 2017

Describe the three precautions before applying the resistor

    No matter what products will be used to check again, just in case there is unnecessary trouble. And the use of this product resistor must be carefully checked, because it has a lot of problems that need our attention, especially before we use it. The resistor product needs to be checked exactly as required, especially with regard to the performance of the product, and we can check if its performance matches the actual resistance value by using a multimeter.

Resistors in the application before you need to pay attention to these three points:



First: According to the measured resistance to determine the range, the pointer indicates the middle of the tick mark, so easy to observe.

     Second: When we check to determine the resistance range, to zero, the method is to short the two test leads (direct contact), adjust the "zero" electrical pointer to accurately point the "0" on the Ω scale, Then measure the resistance of the resistance.

     Third: Check the resistance of its personnel Do not touch the ends of the resistor or touch the metal part of the pen. Otherwise it will lead to test error.