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How to choose the right sound resistance
Jan 19, 2018

How to choose the right sound resistance

Resistance can be said that audio brand products, "starter", without it, the sound can not be very good operation. To make the sound equipment work stable and reliable, beautiful sound, some people think that the choice of imported advanced metal film resistors, the nature and quality of the natural is first-class, but inevitably there are many factors sound, high spending may not have the equivalent return. Selection of resistance varieties and error rate, not one-sided pursuit of high-precision products, should be based on the series of products or the actual needs of choice.

1, preamplifier and frequency equalization circuit, especially the subwoofer small signal amplifier, such as the head amplifier, microphone amplifier, etc., to use metal film resistors, so as not to affect the signal to noise ratio and stability. Which set the gain resistor to use less than 1% error in order to ensure consistent gain between channels.

2, the power output stage with resistance, nominal power should be used for the actual loss of power more than 2 times, while the choice of high stability of non-inductive wirewound resistors or non-inductive carbon-doped resistors. The remaining resistance of the circuit, the nominal power generally no special requirements, the choice of 1 / 4W can be. As much as possible without the 1 / 8W or 1 / 16W resistor, because the noise figure of the noise coefficient of noise and stability and volume.

3, the use of DC amplifier stage amplifier and the use of AC amplifier after the amplifier input stage and its negative feedback circuit, the error should be less than 1% of the metal film resistors to ensure the stability and balance of the circuit, The rest of the circuit available error is less than 2% of the metal film resistors. Due to the improvement of the process, the performance of the carbon film resistor is not low nowadays. For example, the noise figure of the domestic small-sized carbon film resistor has reached 3-5μV / V (1MΩ) and the resistance value is lower. Many domestic and international midrange audio equipment from the price factor considerations, the common choice of carbon film resistors. However, the source of noise from audio equipment is often dominated by power or ac current.

The noise of a resistor generally has an audible effect on the amplifier only. Advocate the use of metal film resistors, mainly from noise, stability and accuracy of the three aspects of consideration, because the stability of carbon film resistors do not really as metal film resistors, DC power amplifier if it is used, the output DC offset will be increased .

4, tube amplifier used in the resistance, pressure should not be less than its working voltage, or may be broken down burn, or arcing phenomenon, the nominal power is generally not less than twice the actual power consumption.

Everyone may have found a problem when using the audio system in everyday life. Suddenly there was a noise when we listened to the music. Salsa sounded, it sounds very uncomfortable, will affect your eardrums. In fact, this is the problem of resistance, only need to change a good quality resistance to solve the problem. Low-quality resistance will not occur at the beginning of a problem, when used for a long time, the problem will come out. So, you understand the resistance of the acoustic yet, through the introduction of Shaanxi Huaxing Electronics should choose the sound of resistance!