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How to Repair Wirewound Resistors in Emergency
Dec 05, 2017

How to Repair Wirewound Resistors in Emergency

It is best to replace the resistor with a new resistor instead of repairing the faulty resistor, but sometimes there is no ready-made resistor at hand to replace it. In this case, the resistor is a repairable one .

1) For a carbon film resistor or a metal film resistor, if the lead is broken, a new lead can be used again at the broken copper cap (or long ring).


2) Change the resistance of the carbon film resistor. A situation is to organize the small carbon film resistance into resistance large resistance, this time as long as the knife gently scrape the carbon surface of the resistance surface, while scraping with a multimeter to measure the appropriate resistance so far. Wipe the finished resistor should be re-coated with a protective paint. Another case is to change the resistance of the carbon film resistance into a small resistance of the carbon film resistance, the method is to use a knife scraping to protect the paint, exposing the carbon film, and then about pencil 2B back and forth on the carbon coating, Make the resistance smaller, while measuring with a multimeter until it meets the requirements, and then re-apply a layer of protective varnish on the resistor.

After changing the resistance of the general rating of resistance decreased, should pay attention to when using.


3) wirewound resistance broken line, if it is broken wire on both sides of the resistance, you can disconnect the broken line, the broken head welding can be re-welded leads. If it is the middle of the line, find the broken line with a knife to scratch, and then use the adjustable line resistance on the sliding piece (also available 2.5mm wide copper self-made) can be pressed in the decapitation. The repaired winding resistance will be slightly smaller.