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If the resistance is damaged, you can find it here
Nov 20, 2017

If the resistance is damaged, you can find it here

Resistors are the most numerous components in electrical equipment, but not the most damaged components. Resistance damage is the most common way to open the road, and the resistance is rare and the resistance is very rare. Common carbon film resistance, metal film resistance, wire wound resistance and insurance resistance.

The most widely before two kinds of resistance, the characteristic of its damage: one is the low resistance (below 100 Ω) and high value (more than 100 k Ω) damage rate is higher, intermediate resistance (such as a few hundred to tens of thousands of European) little damage; The second is that the resistance of low resistance is often charred and black, and it is easy to find that there are few marks when the resistance of high resistance is damaged.

Wire wound resistance is generally used as a large current limit flow, and the resistance is not large. Some of the cylindrical wires can be blackened or surface blasting, cracks or no marks. Cement resistance is a kind of wire wound resistance, which may break when burnt, otherwise there is no visible trace. When the insurance resistance burns, some surfaces will blow up a piece of skin, some of which has no trace, but it will never be blackened. According to the above characteristics, when checking the resistance, can be focused on, quickly identify the damaged resistance.