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large power wire wound resistor
Nov 07, 2017

RXHG bellows brake (brake) resistor series in cylindrical ceramic tube is fixed on the two lead terminals of the ceramic tube surface evenly wound flat with wave shaped alloy resistance wire, the surface coated with a layer of flame retardant, non irritating odor and white smoke volatilization, good air permeability, heat resistance, anti aging the high temperature properties of environment-friendly insulation coating, and is equipped with a mounting bracket has the 


advantages of high power, high overload capacity, easy installation etc.. As the skeleton of the resistance wire, the ceramic tube has the function of radiator, which is used for analog load test, equipment discharge, electric control, automatic control, frequency converter energy consumption braking, etc.. This product can also be customized according to the customer's requirements; at the same time, it can also be made of lacquer ripple non sense resistor and adjustable resistor (bracket type) and power section 30W-10000W.