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R & D is a breakthrough stainless steel resistor enterprise development
Feb 10, 2018

R & D is a breakthrough stainless steel resistor enterprise development

      At present, the stainless steel resistors produced by domestic enterprises mainly export to Russia, Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. China's domestic stainless steel resistors are mostly small-scale enterprises, lagging behind in technology, scale and other aspects Foreign, domestic enterprises want to enter the foreign market from the product quality, performance and other aspects, a short period of time can only be a price advantage as a breakthrough point. Domestic enterprises want to play their own brand in foreign markets, brand awareness must be strengthened, while increasing investment in technology, expand the scale of enterprises.

       In addition, the domestic high-end market is basically dominated by foreign-funded enterprises. Foreign brands such as ABB, Siemens and Mitsubishi occupy most of the domestic high-performance markets. To seize the high-end domestic market, domestic enterprises must overcome the technical bottlenecks , Increase technical input. For Foster technology, it has a group of high-quality inverter R & D personnel, many years abroad in the stainless steel resistor R & D experience, and established extensive cooperative relations with domestic institutions, technology research and development has always been the focus of the company Where you are.

       Technology is an important bottleneck in the domestic stainless steel resistor market

      About China's stainless steel resistors the future direction of development. From the scale, China's stainless steel resistors will gradually reduce the number of enterprises, but the size of the business will be expanded, and then to the monopoly of large enterprises; from a technical point of view, China's inverter manufacturing software technology and hardware quality will be further improved , And this is also the technical bottleneck that the domestic stainless steel resistor may encounter in the development. This is not only reflected in the performance of the inverter, but also in the core components of stainless steel resistors such as: IBGT, rectifier bridge and so on. Whether these components can be made domestically, performance and reliability can catch up with well-known European and American brands, but also directly affect the overall cost competitiveness of stainless steel resistors. It can be said that stainless steel resistors in the road to technology, still a long way to go. "Through the government to guide and integrate resources, the implementation of national manufacturing innovation center, the domestic stainless steel resistor manufacturers, certainly in the future to integrate into several large enterprises, the strength of small businesses will not be eliminated, this is an inevitable trend. After the integration of resources, companies have the strength to increase investment, improve production, so as to avoid price wars, but also have the strength, capital to do more investment, there will be construction and operation of brand awareness and concept.