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The basic knowledge of stainless steel resistors and applicable environment introduction
Feb 12, 2018

The basic knowledge of stainless steel resistors and applicable environment introduction

September 01, 2016

ZX26 series stainless steel resistor series product description

First, the purpose

ZX26 series stainless steel for AC 50HZ voltage to 1140V and DC voltage 1000V circuit, mainly as a motor starting, braking and speed control.

ZX26 series of stainless steel resistors with safe and reliable product performance, its large capacity, corrosion resistance, long life, no maintenance, etc., the characteristics of high-power resistivity motor matching resistance also shows its superiority, from the economic and security environment, and many other aspects Considered, it has a wide range of applications.

Power System: With the development of power system, it has been selected as the high-voltage transformer neutral point grounding resistance, high-voltage distribution automatic tracking arc suppression coil damping resistance and harmonic over-rate resistance and other new areas of Shi Yong performance is stable and reliable.

Mainly as a metallurgical, chemical, mining, construction, port terminals and other occasions and machinery manufacturing various types of lifting machinery and equipment as a crane start, speed and power brake resistors.

Second, the model and meaning

Third, the wiring diagram


Fourth, the working environment:

① maximum ambient temperature: ± 40 ℃ ② minimum ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ③ air relative humidity: 90% ④ Altitude not exceeding 2000m

⑤ meet the IEC947-4-1 standard

Fifth, technical performance:

ZX26 series resistors are safe and reliable, with large capacity, corrosion-resistant, non-inductive, non-contact resistance, stable resistance, error of ± 7.5% of the total resistance, long life, resistor power 5.6KW, better than replacing the old Resistors, widely used in various types of winding motor use.

Six, structural characteristics

The resistor element is made of stainless steel plate into a mesh shape, the four corners of the element are holes, for assembly and use, in each piece of resistive elements is provided with concave and convex porcelain pieces fixed, and porcelain pieces isolated between pieces to achieve insulation Put short-circuit. The connection of resistance element is welded by arc spot welding, the electrical contact is reliable and good, the components are fastened by shockproof and thermal expansion and contraction device to prevent the contact surface from loosening. The product structure is open (indoor), drip-proof (Outdoor), bin-type (electric control box) for the election of three.

Seven, conditions of use

The resistors are allowed to stack, in order not to reduce their capacity, the resistor stack should not exceed four boxes, perhaps over four boxes stacked, such as five boxes to six boxes stacked, it must be supported by steel structure shelves, Resistors can have a good cooling effect, the installation should be at a distance of not less than 150mm ground space.

Eight, stainless steel resistors for the environment:

a) Altitude not exceeding 4000m;

b) ambient medium temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ and not lower than -30 ℃;

c) The relative humidity of air is not more than 85% (20 ± 5 ℃);

d) there is rain and snow and not filled with water vapor;

e) where there is a general shock and impact;

f) at any angle to the vertical plane;

g) In non-explosive media, there is no gas or conductive dust in the media sufficient to corrode the metal and destroy the insulation.