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The characteristics of the resistance is damaged
Mar 06, 2018

The characteristics of the resistance is damaged

All electronic devices, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, instruments, meters, automotive electronics are various, such as a variety of electronic circuit function. According to the law of zhang fei's third-largest composed of electronic circuits is the basic unit of electronic components, these devices are in the form of hardware, they all have their own electrical parameters, such as voltage, current and power characteristics, therefore, components is the easiest damaged items, but the fault is have rules to follow. General fault show the electrical parameters of the damage and physical damage, then the damage of electric parameters and include voltage current exceeds rating result in damage to physical damage, including fracture, deformation resistance parameters such as form. Shaanxi huaxing electronic below take you know the damage of resistance characteristics.

Resistance is the largest number of components in electrical equipment, but not damage the highest rate of components. Damage to open, the most common value larger than rare, very rare resistance smaller. Common have a carbon film resistor, metal film resistors, wire wound resistor and the resistance several insurance.

The most widely before two kinds of resistance, the characteristic of its damage: one is the low resistance (below 100 Ω) and high value (more than 100 k Ω) damage rate is higher, intermediate resistance (such as a few hundred to tens of thousands of European) little damage; Second, the low resistance values when damage is often burned black, it is easy to find, few traces of damage and high resistance values.

Wire wound resistor is generally used for large current current limit, the resistance value is not big. Cylindrical wire wound resistor burn some black or surface skin, crack, some no traces. Is a kind of wire wound resistor, cement resistance might burn out or break, otherwise there is no visible trace. When insurance resistance burn out some surface will blow up a piece of leather, some also have no trace, but shall never scorched black. According to the above characteristics, the examination can have some resistance, quickly find out the damage resistance.