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The role and detection of AC load box for power supply maintenance
Mar 20, 2018

The role and detection of AC load box for power supply maintenance

The AC load box and the DC load box are all power detection and maintenance devices. The stability of the power supply has a great influence on the operation of the equipment, the production quality of the product, and the use of the user. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the monitoring and maintenance of power supply equipment in our daily life and production. The load box acts on parameters, function tests, maintenance, and maintenance of the power supply, and has a wide range of applications. What is the role of the AC load box in power maintenance?

First of all, let's talk about why we need to test the generator set equipment.

General backup power supply is commonly used diesel generator set, if the diesel generator set load is too low, if less than 60% or no-load operation, it will have a bad effect on the generator set, resulting in inadequate fuel combustion, piston, nozzle Carbon deposits, generator set losses, and standby power can not play a role. What effect does the AC load box have on the maintenance of the standby power supply?

There are usually two major roles:

The first is to be able to detect and maintain the backup power supply and provide reliable protection for the diesel generator set to start normally in an emergency situation.

The other is that the AC load box can carry out the load capacity detection of the new diesel generator set, and ensure the rationality of the selection of the generator set and the role of the power generation under the power off condition.

The AC load box can also perform performance tests on new battery projects, provide scientific and reliable professional data basis for acceptance of new battery projects, and improve the rationality of the use of new battery engineering.