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Various electronic components introduced with the role of the circuit
Sep 21, 2017

1, the resistor code: R

Resistor is a component that can hinder the current through, referred to as resistance. In the circuit, it can limit the size of the current through its branch. symbol:

In the case of

Role: shunt, current limiting, partial pressure, buck, isolation, bias and so on.

Good or bad: with a multimeter resistance measured the actual resistance and nominal value of the same or within the allowable error within the better. (Burned generally black). Measure the actual resistance on the road ≤ nominal value.

Resistance unit: ohm (Ω), kilohms (KΩ), megger (MΩ) and so on.

1 MΩ = 1000 KΩ 1 KΩ = 1000Ω

Thermistors: "RT", divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC); is characterized by temperature-sensitive, different temperatures show different resistance values. Positive temperature coefficient The higher the resistance value when the temperature is, the lower the resistance value of the negative temperature coefficient thermistor at the higher temperature.

Photoresistor: also known as light pipe, with "RL" said, in a specific wavelength of light irradiation, the rapid decline in resistance characteristics.

Varistor: A solid-state voltage sensitive element with "RPS", non-linear volt-ampere characteristics and suppression of transient overvoltage. When the terminal voltage is below a certain threshold, the current of the varistor is almost equal to zero; beyond this threshold, the current value increases sharply with the increase of the terminal voltage. Mainly used to limit the harmful over-voltage and operating over-voltage, can effectively protect the system or equipment. Can also be used for sparking, noise, voltage and so on.

Potentiometer: is the resistance can be adjusted resistor, with "W or RP" said; a rotating, straight sliding type, with a switch; with a multimeter resistance measured next to the feet of the actual resistance, respectively, Next to the feet, evenly adjust the shaft, the needle evenly swing without beating as well; press the "left into the right out of the ground" wiring; poor contact with anhydrous alcohol can be cleaned.