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Water cooling resistance encounters special problems
Mar 28, 2018

Water cooling resistance encounters special problems

When the water-cooled resistor is delivered from the factory, the wiring is connected to the 90% tap of the coil. If the motor is connected to the rheostat after it is started, one of the following conditions can be adjusted according to the following method:

1. The starting current is too high and the start is too fast. You can try to increase the number of turns and receive the 100% lap number. The effect is to reduce the starting current and reduce the starting torque.

2. Start-up current is too small Start-up torque is not enough, start too slow, you can try to reduce the number of turns, the tap to receive 80% of the number of turns, the effect of the starting current increases, the starting torque increases simultaneously;

3. If the machine is restarted after stopping for a period of time, the motor may be jogged several times due to heavy mechanical load and difficult to start again. After the machine is rotated several times, it can be used normally.

Frequency-sensitive rheostats are cores of cast iron or steel plates that are connected to a circuit in a rotor winding. The equivalent impedance of the winding reactance and core losses varies with the frequency of the rotor current.