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What are the characteristics of the AC load box and what types can be divided into
Mar 19, 2018

What are the characteristics of the AC load box and what types can be divided into

With the development of the times, all kinds of machines are becoming more and more compact, and the requirements for production and processing are getting higher and higher. In order to avoid machine damage and ensure the quality of product processing, it is necessary to check and maintain the power supply frequently to ensure the stability of the power supply. The load box can perform professional and systematic inspection and maintenance of the power supply.

The load box can provide relatively scientific detection for various power supplies. It can be used for the detection of power supplies, high-power UPS, generator sets, switches, and charging piles. Therefore, it has important applications in life and production. The AC load box is one of them. What are its characteristics and what types can it be classified?

First, the characteristics of AC load box

1. High reliability, it adopts forced air-cooled heat dissipation, high reliability of constant power discharge.

2. High safety, good safety protection mechanism, overheating, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of equal protection, high safety and good stability.

3. The use of intelligent control, simple operation, easy maintenance, single or multiple units can be used in parallel.

Second, the type of load box

AC load boxes can be divided according to different standards:

1. According to the nature of the power supply, it can be divided into single-phase, three-phase, single-phase and three-phase.

2. According to the load mode, it can be divided into resistive load and inductive load.

Of course, there are other classification methods. It can be seen that there are many types. When you purchase an AC load box, you must choose according to the actual function needs. There are also a lot of models to choose from.