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Wire-wound resistor: the potential of the resistor is infinite
Dec 01, 2017

Industrial and automotive electronics requirements for resistors

Shaanxi huaxing wire wound resistors co., LTD. Sales department Zhang Xiaonian minister said: industrial and automotive electronics on resistor product requirements, than the general consumer electronics, mainly for product failure rate is low, after long time use the change of volume is smaller, and when using the product under the bad environment need to be able to function properly, namely environmental capacity is better.

Material for long time use is often due to the inadequacy of ability of resistance to environmental capacity and voltage surge appeared premature aging phenomenon, but in the industrial class and automobile electronic product grade, tolerance for the environment, also must increase of sulfur resistance function, in order to avoid terminal for sulfur sulfur gas and material produce flowers, causing the circuit problem. Shaanxi huaxing wire wound resistor unique terminal protection technology, expand to automotive electronic level, improve the environment to use the tolerance on the automobile electronic parts ability, and enhance product for electricity generated by wave resistance ability, in the car on the application of power management and av equipment, can achieve good stability.

In automotive electronics, for example, in the test specification of AEC - Q200, resistance class should be able to operate in - 40 ℃ to + 125 ℃, but most of the power of the thick film and thin film of SMD resistor deduction is turning point occurred in 70 ℃, 70 ℃ less than the resistance of the power is to maintain the rated power, but the resistance power of more than 70 ℃ is the temperature rise and fall, this for automotive electronic designers have to do the calculation of power deduction, to maintain the resistance under the power of residual can safe operation. The future development of shaanxi huaxing wire wound resistor SMD resistor power point deduction can extend to + 125 ℃, beneficial to reduce automobile electronic designers in the calculation of power deduction.

For SMD resistor, on the other hand, the cooling efficiency of the ascension, current detection of SMD resistor, for example, current detection SMD resistor its low resistance to flow through a higher current, need higher power and larger size specifications, in order to meet the current through the higher current SMD resistor, electronic circuit designers tend to consider using larger high-power current SMD resistor or SMD resistor in parallel more than current detection, so a lot of room for the circuit board. More than current SMD resistor in parallel faults lies in the matching of needs computing parallel resistance, such as using different resistance to form parallel matching resistance value, which makes most of the current will flow through the low resistance current SMD resistor, causing most of the current hot uneven distribution of SMD resistor SMD resistor in the current detection, reduces resistance life.

With the consideration of the circuit board space and cost without increasing resistance, the current testing of the electrode is the direction of the development of the shaanxi huacan wire wound resistor. We have successfully develop size 0612/1.5 W SMD resistor CSRF0612 foil current detection, with the same room for circuit board CSRF1206 / more than 1 W 0.5 W, higher current and better circulation increase resistance of thermal efficiency.

The miniaturization of resistance is not in volume, but in supporting

In terms of the miniaturization of the resistance, although there are 03015, most of the manufacturers currently have a minimum size of 01005. The resistors may be smaller than the size of 01005, which limits the ability of the patch machine. One option is to use an array of chip resistors, or multiple resistors, in a single package. A side benefit of the chip resistor array is that it helps to reduce the cost of circuit board space and the number of patches.

Although the minimum size of the product of 01005 type, but this is not a physical limit, shaanxi huaxing wire wound resistor current research and development capabilities have been able to produce more small parts, but there is no related to the market demand, also do not have the corresponding production equipment can be used, the client has yet to have to use smaller parts corresponding to the machine and equipment, and so at this stage the smallest parts still for 01005. However, it is believed that the relevant equipment factories are also developing the equipment needed for the production of miniaturized parts. When the market demand or related equipment is mature, the development of the parts to miniaturization is an inevitable trend.

The growth potential of new energy and drones is huge

According to Navigant Research company's Research, according to a report in new energy car battery cars, for example, in the global market from 2014 to 2035, the growth rate of 72.4%, and 200 million new energy car, average annual growth rate reached 3.5%.

In terms of energy storage system ESS, we believe that the home energy storage system with the application of community type of energy storage system growth period, the relevant battery management circuit to measure current and power demand of current detection resistance is relatively large; The new energy Battery Module (Power Battery Module) is described above, and the new energy vehicle charging scheme is improved in various countries. An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) the resistance of the rotor speed, four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), for example, USES 4 to 12 current SMD resistor, in today's unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) application vigorous development, the current detection SMD resistor demand is also relatively large.

In the future, robots, drones and new energy will be hot spots for research and development. The market will continue to require high precision, long-term stability, rugged and maintainable products. The long - term strategy is to provide customers with high quality and reliable electronic components.

At the current new energy vehicles, mainly for the Chinese market to promote this piece, but cars are not as general consumer electronics, able to quickly enter the market popularity, so can make much demand cannot clear, estimates that will bring the demand growth will have new product launch. Wireless communications, smart homes, wearable devices, wireless charging, car electronics, and new energy vehicles are all potential markets.