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Metal Glaze Film Resistors

Glass glaze resistance is made of precious metal silver palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and other metal oxides (palladium oxide, ruthenium oxide, etc.) and glass glaze adhesives mixed into a slurry, coated on the insulating skeleton, made by high temperature sintering.
Glass glaze resistors have the following characteristics:
① moisture, temperature, good stability.
② wide range of resistance, resistance range of 4.7Ω - 200MΩ.
③ rated power is generally 1 / 8W, 1 / 4W, I I2 W, lW, 2W, high-power type has 500W.
④ small noise, high frequency characteristics.
⑤ small size, light weight.
  • High Voltage Variable Resistor
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    High Voltage Variable Resistor

    Resistance Range:5-5G
    Limiting Voltage:25kv
    Chief Characteristic:
    Enduring high voltage large power. Principally used to the high voltage divider, high voltage measure, aging equipment and electronic loads. Among which...
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