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Common Electronic Components Daquan
Aug 21, 2017

  Electronic components electronic components and electrical components of a small machine, apparatus, which itself is often composed of several parts, can be common in similar products; often refers to certain parts of electrical appliances, radio, instrumentation and other industries, such as capacitors, transistors , springs, and other sub-winding device in general. Common are diodes.


     Electronic components include: resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, tubes, radiators, electrical and mechanical components, connectors, semiconductor discrete devices, electro-acoustic devices, laser devices, electronic display devices, optoelectronic devices, sensors, power supplies, switches, micro motor , electronic transformers, relays, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, various types of circuits, a piezoelectric crystal, quartz, ceramics, magnetic materials, printed circuit board substrate, the electronic technology-specific functional materials, electronic adhesive (tape) products, electronic chemical materials and parts and the like.
In terms of quality electronic components above a Chinese international certification of CQC, America UL, VDE and TUV in Germany and the European Union CE certification at home and abroad, to ensure qualified components.