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Electronic Color Code Color Ring System
Jun 13, 2017

Electronic color code color ring system

Fixed resistor color code label identifying the color ring, mainly used in cylindrical resistor, such as: carbon film resistors, oxide film resistors, precision resistors, high impact resistance, fuse resistance, resistance solid core, solid core resistance, fuse resistors, wirewound resistors, surge resistance. Early on, when the surface resistance is generally insufficient numerical method will use color-coded to indicate the color ring labeling method resistor tolerances and specifications. Now, the color code color ring labeling method has been used in automated production equipment. Color code color ring resistors on production and very easy to identify, easy to distinguish between the front and rear ends. Color code color ring, is divided into two parts:
first part:
Resistance near the front end of a set is used to represent the resistance, the resistance value of the effective number two, with the first three-color rings to represent the resistance, such as: 39Ω, 39KΩ, 39MΩ. Three significant digits of the resistance value, with the first four-color ring to represent the resistance, such as: 69.8Ω, 698Ω, 69.8KΩ, generally represents for precision resistors.
the second part:
Near the rear end of a resistor color ring used to represent tolerances.
Each color ring are equidistant from the first part, self-contained group, easy to distinguish color ring second portion. With four color ring wherein the first and second ring represent two significant number of resistance; the third ring on behalf of magnification; fourth ring represents the error with five four-color color ring ring more than a valid number.
Article such as color ring is black, is generally used to indicate a winding resistance, a fifth ring, such as a white color, usually used to indicate a fuse resistors. If the resistor is only the middle of a black color ring, it means the resistance is zero ohm resistor.
How to identify the color code derived resistance
First of all, from the bottom resistor tolerances to identify the representative color rings, gold on behalf of 5%, 10% silver representatives.
And then from the other end of the resistor, to find the first, the second color wheel, read its number corresponding to the following diagram, for example, the first two rings are colored red, so the corresponding figure for the Red 2, Red 2.
Then, read the third multiple color ring, Black 1, so in this case, we got a resistance of 22Ω.
Examples 22ohms resistor color code recognition
If the third multiple-color gold ring, then the decimal point to the left. If multiple third silver color ring, then two to the left of the decimal point.
Color ring resistor color code recognition
Resistor error
Flag Code A B C D F G J K M
Resistance Tolerance ± 0.05% ± 0.1% ± 0.25% ± 0.5% ± 1% ± 2% ± 5% ± 10% ± 20%