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Water Cooled Resistor

Introduction to Water Cooled Resistors
Is a water-cooled braking resistor that includes braking power from a number of kW to reach a number of MWs for some cranes and major traction brakes that require high power, as well as cooling, including liquid, strong cold and natural convection.
Working style
Water-cooled resistors are usually cooled by cooling, which is achieved by simple natural convection, but if the brake generates heat loss after applying an unacceptable load on the air conditioning system of the ship, we will add an air and water heat exchanger to transfer Energy to ship cooling water system. Most ships are equipped with a cooling water system that circulates the cooling water throughout the ship and can be used for air conditioning and equipment cooling. It is usually directly incorporated into the resistors of the type shown in these circuits.
Use scope
Water-cooled resistors are increasingly used in ships, oil rigs, cranes, various types of vessels and various types of power applications such as main propellers, bow thruster, drive winch and winch, cranes, lifts, Conveyors and jacks, cable laying and tensioning. An important benefit of using an electric drive is that it can complement or replace a conventional mechanical brake system as a reliable regenerative and dynamic braking system. The advantages of electrical braking include controllability, reliability, simple mechanization and light weight, and in some cases there is also the opportunity to utilize regenerative braking energy.
  • High Voltage Water Cooled Resistor
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    High Voltage Water Cooled Resistor

    Resistance Range:10-10000Ohm
    size: 90*860mm
    Chief Characteristic:
    1.Small volume;high power
    2.High frequency is excellent
    3.We are professional resistor manufacturer
    4.Water cooled resistor is one of our mainly...
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    Water Cooled High Power Resistors

    Resistance Range:10-3000Ohm
    size: 46*400mm
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    1.They are used extensively high frequency power supply equipments of metal thermal treatment & false loads of the sender for the radio and television. 2.Principally used...
  • Water Cooled Power Resistor
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    Water Cooled Power Resistor

    Resistance Range:5-1000Ohm
    size: 46*182mm
    Chief Characteristic:
    Small volume. Large power. High frequency is excellent
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